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Following 45 years of industry experience Technical for Concrete Limited was formed in February 2010.

The breadth of my industry knowledge spans from my beginnings as a Technician for a local readymix producer through material supply companies where I was involved in designing concretes to solve various specification and logistic problems. As an influential member of numerous British and European Technical Committees the knowledge gained has provided a unique wealth of concrete technology and its applications.

I was the inventor behind 2 European Patents covering a novel system to wash the inside of a Truck Mixer Drum that does not produce “Washout Slurry” and an integral or surface applied system to reduce or prevent Efflorescence on coloured concrete.

Each of the areas we cover utilise the experience and knowledge gained from hands on problems experienced in real concrete projects.

“Professional Indemnity Insurance”
is provided by Brit Insurance Limited
Technical for Concrete Limited is a Member of
the “Concrete Society”
Technical for Concrete Limited is Registered in the UK
No. 7146934
Material Evaluation
• Cements
• Recycled
• Aggregate
• Sands
• Admixtures

Mix Optimisation

Specification Clauses

Production Problems

Energy Audits

Staff Training

Complaint Investigation

• Strength Issues
• Short Measures
• Cement Content

Quality Control
• Quality Manuals
• Cusum Strength
• Laboratory Equipment
• Auditing
• Calibrations

Equipment Advice
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